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The EZRide has two primary functions. First, it acts as a front shock absorber. Two gas springs absorb most of the vibration while riding. In addition, it allows the rider to adjust the handlebar position up or down, while on the move!

The rider simply actuates a thumb lever, without having to move his hands from the grips, and can adjust the handlebars to any position within a 100 degree range.

  • Today was the first day I really got a chance to put the EZRIDE stem through its paces on a nice, long ride. This thing is amazing for this type of application!- - Fred
  • Love your product!I am 67 years young and love riding my bike again. Thank You - Ed
  • I found the device so useful that I can't see why it shouldn't simply be a part of every new bicycle - Richard
  • I am very happy with your adjustable handlebar system. This system has helped my back because of its adjustability and also because of the suspension - Lucy
  • I like to sit up straighter for more of the time, but I also like to be able to adjust back down on the fly when speed picks up for a stretch.The EZRIDE is perfect for my needs! - Richard